How to Make Banners for Tumblr

How to Make Banners for Tumblr. Now Make Animated Tumblr banner with custom image and text with lot of special effects free of cost.

Here we will cover how to create animated Tumblr banner for your blog. We have seen various Tumblr Banners in our previous articles. Now its time to show you how to create a gif animated banner free of cost.

You can use these banners on the top of your Tumblr blog or in the end of each post to publicize your private or WordPress blog or even you can put them in the middle of each post to Make Money using your Tumblr blog by advertise any affiliate links. Believe me, Animated Gif banner converts high numbers of purchases.

Animated Tumblr Banner Maker

Below is Webestools the Tumblr Banner Maker Website which makes beautiful banner. You just need to choose the background of the animated banner from wide range of background images available on their website.

1I would recommend to just edit a ready made banner to make beautiful Tumblr banner. Choose a banner from wide range.

2You will get four frames for animation where you will need to fill the text for each one. Fill text one by one in each frame.

3Second important thing is, Input text color, size and font of the banner. For proper setting, Click on preview after each settings.

4In the same frame, You are getting an option to set a fixed position for the text of the banner. Choose it wisely.

5When you are done, Click Preview button and scroll up and Download your edited banner.

Note: Now you have banner to put it on your Tumblr blog. So follow the steps How to Put a Banner on Tumblr to add it on your Tumblr blog. If you want to Make Money using this banner, Use it while posting an article or if you are willing to put it as a logo on Tumblr blog then you can follow above article.

Chat, Shoutbox Widgets For Tumblr

Chat and Shoutbox Widgets for Tumblr blog. Highly customizable and lightning chat box and shoutbox widgets are powered by Zoho free of cost.

As Tumblr is also similar to social media networking site, Unlike other social media sites, Tumblr doesn’t have Chat widgets neither on their own main website nor on their free blogs. If you have a blog on Tumblr and willing to put a Chat widget on your Tumblr blog then you will have to choose third party chat box  widget for your Tumblr blog.

Tumblr Widgets

Nowadays, Chat and shoutbox widgets got wonderful popularity. Now, Google Plus itself has a chat widget on their social site like Facebook. I have noticed many small Tumblr sites having a cute and working chat box widget and shoutbox widgets on their sidebar. After a lot of research i am came up with Zoho chat and shoutbox widget which is free and highly customizable to put on Tumblr.

Chat Widget

1You will need to open an account on Zoho.com first. You can use your Google account, Facebook or Google Apps account alternatively for logged in to Zoho website if you do not want to create a separate account there.

2After successful logged in, You will be redirected to a control setting page where on the right sidebar you will got various option and widgets to put on your Tumblr website. However, Tumblr is not limited to put these widgets, You can put these widgets on any website, blog or forum very easily.

3Just Click the option of Chat Widget from Right sidebar and configure the rest Widget generator fields to get Widget code for your Tumblr blog. Give Title, Chat box name and hit the button to generate Chat box Widget code.

Note: Paste this copied Chat widget code in the description box under your description or where ever you want to put it on your blog. If you just want to put it on your contact page then you can paste that code in the contact page HTML source while creating contact page. You can create separate page for Online chatting page where you can use this Widget or simply in the sidebar just like in my Howtoon blog.

Shoutbox Widget

Just like chat box widget, You can put shoutbox widget on your Tumblr blog. You just need to click on shoutbox widget from right sidebar of Zoho.com after logged in. Customize it and Generate the Widget code for your Tumblr blog. That’s it.

Put it in the header field and Save your Theme.

Note: If you get any query then please comment here, We will feel more than happy to help you. Have a fun with Chat widget for Tumblr.

Twitter Widget for Tumblr

Twitter Widget for Tumblr. Now engage your Tumblr user with socialize way and build more relative relation with Twitter Widget.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Tumblr all are social media sites and currently most famous social site in the world. If you want to be famous and successful then you must connect your user with all these social media Widgets. There are lots of widgets available on the web to connect these social media sites with each other. Tumblr is most popular among this as far as blogging is concern.

If you want to get more followers on your Tumblr blog then you must have these widgets on your blog. A user who has account on Tumblr, He surely has a account on Facebook and Twitter too. So if you will attract Twitter and Facebook user then alternatively you will get more followers on your Tumblr blog. You can put a Twitter widget and Facebook Widget on your Tumblr blog sidebar and communicate with your visitor via tweets and Facebook shares and build a strong Follower database on Tumblr.

How to Install Twitter Widget

1First of all, You will need to get the Twitter Widget code to put on your Tumblr blog. So visit Widgetbox website and fill your Twitter username as shown in the description in the website.

2To proceed, You will need to register an account on Widgetbox website. However, you can log in to their website using Facebook, Google account or other ways available there.

3After getting widget code, the next step is to put that code on your Tumblr blog sidebar. You can do this thing two ways. You can put Twitter widget code under description text in the description box or in the sidebar area via editing sidebar area from Theme HTML file.

Note: Put Facebook Widget for Tumblr with Twitter sidebar Widget to get More Followers on Tumblr.

Facebook Widget for Tumblr

Facebook Widget for Tumblr. You can put Facebook Fan Widget box on your Tumblr Sidebar to gain more Tumblr followers.

Are you connected on Tumblr and Facebook at the same time? You can gain more Facebook and Tumblr followers to connect your visitors via Facebook Fan page Widget on your Tumblr blog sidebar. Almost all popular blogs are equipped with social buttons and Facebook Fan page.

If you are wondering how to put Facebook Fan page on Tumblr blog then you are on right place to get the proper solution. Today i will share Facebook Fan Page Widget code and the steps to put on Tumblr blog sidebar.

Facebook Widget for Tumblr

1First of all, Create a Facebook Page for your Tumblr blog. Do not worry about cost because its absolutely free and customizable. To Create Facebook Fan page, You will need an account on Facebook website.

2You will need to create  or generate the Facebook Fan page and copy the Facebook Fan box widget code. Facebook Fan Box also called as Facebook Like box. First of all Go to Facebook Developer Site. Give your Facebook Fan page URL and set width and height of the like box. Untick “Show Stream and Header” Option and Hit the last “Get Code” button from below.

3Now the next step to put this widget on your Tumblr blog. So There are several options available on your end. You can put this Facebook Widget on Sidebar and you can rearrange it’s actual position as per your choice. To do so, Go to Tumblr Dashboard and hit the Control Setting icon > Then go to setting page and just press your blog name. > Finally click on “Customize” button. > Now paste this widget code under “Description” to show on Tumblr blog sidebar under description box.

Note: You can rearrange the actual position but it will require editing your theme HTML file.

Tumblr Widgets Gallery

Tumblr Widgets Gallery has all top widgets free of cost which not only increase your traffic but also increase your daily revenue…

I have mentioned most of the famous and must have Tumblr Widgets on my blog. However, It might be hard for you to find all the widgets easily so i have included short description and link of those widgets post in this All in one widget article. I will update this article whenever i will post any new widget for your Tumblr blog.

Widgets for Tumblr blog

Without anymore intro, Come to the widget list. Most of these widgets are must have widgets for Tumblr blog. They not only increase your Traffic but also increase your daily revenue too. So i would personally recommend you to install these widgets on your blog sidebar.

Email Subscription Widget

This is most famous widget on Tumblr. All most all popular blogs have this widget on their sidebar or top right corner near reblog button. This is one of the most effective traffic generator widget and comes in the first place in my list of Tumblr Widgets.

  • Get Email Subscription Widget

Followers Counter Widget

Follower counter will show how many Tumblr users actually follow your Tumblr blog. Highly rated and most famous widget for the Tumblr blog. Various design and looks are available on developer’s website to choose and most important that if you have very few followers then you can put Private follower counter and when you get high volume of Followers then replace it with Public Follower Counter Widget.

  • Get Tumblr Followers Widget

Facebook Like Box Widget

In the age of social media, You can’t live without the presence of Facebook integration. So here is the Facebook Fan page like box to put on your  Tumblr sidebar. Free, Easy installation and customization make it more famous in this category.

  • Get Facebook Like Box

Chat Box Widget for Tumblr

If you don’t have an Ask page and still you want to communicate with your daily visitors then this chat box widget might help you lot. Fast, Free and easy to install on your Sidebar. It can be install on any of the Tumblr Free themes.

  • Get Chat Box Widget

Note: Its not possible to add all the widgets from my Widget Gallery in this post so please visit our Widget Gallery to get more Tumblr Widgets. 

Cool Tumblr Names For your Blog

Cool Tumblr Names for any Tumblr blog. Some blog names which attract visitors and search engines at the same time for both girls and boys.

There are many factors work behind any successful blog. It could be blog URL, Blog name, title or niche, i mean category. Same like this, There are many concept to choose any Cool Tumblr names. If you just want to choose your Tumblr blog name “Cool” then here are some tips which might help you. Please consider Good Tumblr names if you are serious Tumblr blogger and willing to earn something in near future using your Cool Tumblr blog.

Cool name might work great if you are posting just photo, links and quotes. Many Tumblr blogs I have seen which has more than 70% photo posts and still they are quite famous. They have huge number of followers and notes. The most common thing is that all blogs have a cool blog name. Most of the girls choose cool and cute Tumblr names.

Cool Blog Names

You can add your name or your blog niche category with a cute starting word. Such as “Coolest-fashion-blog.tumblr.com” or “Honey-Yourname-blog.tumblr.com”. The blog names might be different for boys and girls. However, You both, Girls and boys can add their name before the niche and blog word with your Tumblr sub domain. You can change or rearrange some words as per needs or if they are already used because you must use your blog name which aren’t used before.

Suppose, You are creating a blog related to Windows 8 wallpaper on your Tumblr blogging network and you want to choose a cool name for your blog then it should be just like this, “Cool-Windows8-Wallpapers.tumblr.com” and “Windows8-cool-wallpapers.tumblr.com” or just like this.

For a example, I have created a blog named, “scmmusicplayerfor.tumblr.com” which is totally related to SCM Player Widget for Tumblr blogging network. So your niche category must be used in the URL and in the title of your Tumblr blog name.

Cute Tumblr Names For any Blog

Cutest Tumblr Names for any kind of Tumblr blogs whether you are girl or boy and whether you are from technology or fashion niche. It will attract every kind of users.

I have noticed many Tumblr blogs which have very cute Tumblr names. Surprisingly, Most of them are too popular. I can’t believe it. It might be most important reason to choose cute blog name so that we can attract visitors. Tumblr has a Hipster style visitors so its a good idea to choose as much as cute Tumblr name as possible. However, You should keep in mind some basics of search engines before taking any decision for your Tumblr name.

  • You Can Read Good Tumblr Names

Normally, Photo poster and Girls use cute Tumblr names. Fashion blogs, children blogs and any blogs which related to girls can choose cute blog name for their Tumblr blog. However, Its not a perfect reason to choose this type names, You can choose cute Tumblr blog name if you thing that it matches your niche.

How to Choose Cute Blog Names

Above are some clue to choose a cute Tumblr blog name and below are some great examples for cute blog name. You can follow them and choose cutest name for your Tumblr blog.

Suppose, I want to create a blog for baby clothes then i would choose “cutest-babyclothes.tumblr.com” and “Cutest-babyclothes-shop.tumblr.com” or “Myname-babyclothes-shop.tumblr.com”.

You should remember one thing that your cute blog name should contain your niche category such as in above example, I have used baby clothes shop. There is big change that they aren’t used before because you are using your own name before the title of your niche for your Tumblr blog. You can use variation word if they already used.

I want to show you one example for my own blog. I wanted to create a blog on Tumblr blogging so the main issue was the blog name, title and the URL. I wanted to choose Cutest tumble name which match my blog niche so i have used a cute and funny blog name, “howtoon.tumblr.com”. You can take a look which is great example of cute and keyword relative blog name.

Tumblr Name ideas - Best Names Ever

Here are some Best Tumblr Name Ideas. The Great blog attracts hundreds followers everyday. You will get idea how the name work behind your blog success.

We have discussed some of the Good and Cute Tumblr names before but here we will get other name ideas for the best matches for our blog niche. Sometimes, Blog names make difference in our success. Did you have notice ever that we see some blogs on the front page of search engine which are totally unrelated with the keyword we are searching for and despite of that they are on top.

Your Tumblr blog name represents your blog niche category and the standard of your blog. Tumblr is famous with it’s versatility and creativity. You should think all the possible name ideas and choose the best one for your blog and the same time you will have to check that the particular Tumblr name which you want to choose, Its available on Tumblr or it has been already taken by someone else.

Some of the Best Name ideas

If you analyze best Tumblr blogs then you will get idea how different names they have taken. This creativity makes them success. They are getting much and much more followers then normal blogs have. They gets hundreds of followers every day. Can you believe that? Lets check some blogs.

all-thats-interesting.tumblr.com : This is the blog which has great popularity on Tumblr. They delivers mostly photo posts and one of the great example of Good Tumblr name. They have an idea for their niche and they are following it.

monk3y.tumblr.com : This is also a wonderful example of great Tumblr blog name. They have create name idea on which they have came up with monk3y subdomain instead of “monkey”. Despite of different name, Tumblr users love this blog very much.

Remember: The common thing is all these blogs have Endless Scrolling Tumblr Themes on their blog and most of them are on Photography niche.

Tumblr Title ideas

Tumblr Title ideas for your Tumblr blog. Do not be confuse about various name ideas. Choose best one as per your blog niche and the visitor criteria.

You can choose any Domain URL but the title should completely match your niche. Your Tumblr blog title attract not only search engine but also they can convert your new visitor into your followers. On Tumblr blogging network, followers and reblogging are few of the best success formula. To get more followers and trust able visitor base, You will have to come up with Good Tumblr title names.

On Tumblr, There is no charge to create blogs or choose domain names, You can even change your domain name anytime. I like it because when you change your Tumblr name, Immediately, Tumblr will change the sitemap URL as per your new Tumblr URL and the same you will have to change the title name and choose new ideas as per new sub domain URL.

Some Ideas and tips for Blog Title

You should be very careful while choosing a Tumblr blog title. I have my own idea and i always use it while creating a new blog and the title one. I remember my blog niche categories with my blog title. I have a blog on Tumblr about Facebook. I have used all the possible title ideas on that blog such as “All About Facebook - Wallpapers, Cover Banners, Chat Symbols, Downloads”. You can also use the Descriptive title on your blog. That can attract visitor and the search engines at the same time.

If you need any Good Tumblr Name ideas then you can read Tumblr Name ideas.

Tumblr Name Generator for Blog

Tumblr Name Generator is a free service where you can generate Tumblr URL names, Titles up to 1000 free of cost. Just press a generate button to proceed.

I can understand that you have blog and you are confuse for the name of that blog. I think you are not pretty sure about the name of your first blog and you don’t want to take risk. Do you know, What things should be present in your blog name and specially on Tumblr blog? Its quite easy to get success on Tumblr blogging network.

You can create as many free blogs as you can. There is no limitation. You just need an unique Tumblr name and Tumblr name generator is the only solution to generate many Tumblr names at once to get best idea about the new blog name. There are many Tumblr name generators available on the web but they are not useful all the way. You will get unrelated results. Rather than name generators, You should choose a Good Tumblr name based on your own name and blog niche.

Name Generators

I know you are wondering how to get good Tumblr name idea but believe me its not too hard as you are thinking. I am going to share some of the famous name generators which you can use while creating New Tumblr blog name.

Tumblr Name Generator: This is unique style name generator. You just need to input your name idea on the field given out there and press Tumblr Me. They will come up with a Cute Tumblr Name which basically generated by their name generator script so it might be unrelated but worth to test.

I like this name generator. They have special name generator for Tumblr. You can select name list numbers from 1 to 50. I thing, right now they are on beta stage and will come up with the relative and descriptive Tumblr name ideas in the future with this unique kind of name Generator.