Creative Tumblr Names

Here are a best and creative Tumblr names on our list. Each of them can lead you to get thousands of followers on your normal blog.

Tumblr is a blogging point where everybody show their creativity on their blog. Creative blog name gives them extra attention. I have noticed many Tumblr blogs which have thousands of followers and some blogs which doesn’t have followers more than even 50. Why some creative blogs have huge number of followers and other blogs doesn’t have!

Creative blog name could be one of the biggest reason after this question. Thousands of free blogs are creating on Tumblr then how you will become famous or successful between those thousands of blogs. We can understand this all issues so we have created a unique and creative Tumblr Name Generator which gets updates regularly with new and unique names for girls and boys.

Creative blog name works very well if you are blogging on Fashion, Technology or scientific topics. It will be great if you are posting news links on Tumblr posts. Tumblr Name Generator will help you lot to generate more than thousands unique and creative Tumblr names for your. Few of the example given below for you to take decision.

Fashion 1to1
Food Place
All Addicted
Food Pedia
Blogging Point

All of above Tumblr Names not only creative but also good and unique. These are just an example. You can generate more and more Tumblr names free of cost. Please note, All above Tumblr names are for Tumblr sub domain blog, If you want to get top level .com domain then you can visit Name.com to register your domain address. You can register one of those Tumblr names if its available.

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How do you Reply to a Reply on Tumblr

How do you Reply to a Reply on Tumblr. You can enable reply feature from Tumblr setting page. Your followers will be able to reply and comment on your Tumblr blog.

I have seen many blogging platform which has extremely wonderful comment system where you can easily reply or comment to any post on your blog or any other blogs. However, Tumblr has totally different approach for reply and comment system. Tumblr blogs doesn’t have any comment or reply system where visitor leave comments. Sometimes, I feel irritating because it this issue. I don’t have any option to get feedback from my visitors.

But still there is some hope, We can use some alternative ways to put comment and reply system on Tumblr blogs free of cost. You will not believe me that that comment and reply system is more convenient and feature rich comparing to WordPress or Blogger comment systems and its a Disqus Reply Center.

Since, I have applied a Disqus reply center on my blogs, I am now receiving numerous comments and i have to reply to those comments this is how i could maintain my Tumblr blogs refresh and up to date. Now i know what my visitor’s like and dislike.

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Are you using any other comment and reply system rather than Disqus? Please share with us. I have heard that after sometimes, Our Tumblr blog gets a reply feature and perhaps, You have noticed that there is an option on Tumblr settings page about activate reply option. Take a look on that reply option.

reply to a reply

Above screenshot clearly shows the reply option where you have to power to activate reply feature on Tumblr. However, I couldn’t see any change after enabling this feature. I have tried this on many of my Tumblr blogs. As per this option, Reply feature should be activate for our followers who follows us from more than two weeks.

Is there any other solution to comment on Tumblr? Do you Know?

How to Ask a Question on Tumblr

How to Ask a Question on Tumblr. Now Tumblr also has comment system where you can comment or answer questions after logged in with your username.

Unlike other free blog providers, Tumblr has introduced some wonderful and unique features. Ask box is one of the best Tumblr blog feature where user can ask questions from blog owner. In other hand if blog owner want to ask question or want to take feedback from his followers then he may also ask questions directly through post.

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Tumblr has launched this feature at the starting of the year 2010. January was the month when Tumblr has announced and applied ask box for Tumblr blog owner. Tumblr users have to put and enable an ask box on their blogs to enable question and answer from other Tumblr users. All Tumblr users can ask question and it depends on blog owner to answer it.

Not all blogs but who has enable this ask box, has An ask box link on their blog where user need to hit the link to go to ask question directly to blog owner. This is how blog owner can get in touch to their visitors who are Tumblr user. If you also want to ask a question here now then you can comment below or if you want to ask anything on Tumblr then follow me…

1Only Tumblr user can ask a question so first of all go to Tumblr and register an account. If you are already Tumblr user or have an account there then please log in to your Account.
2Now, Visit the Tumblr blog on which you want to ask a question. Remember: You will be able to ask question only on those blogs who have enable this ask box.
3Navigate Ask box link on that blog and click on it. Tumblr will take on that page where you will be able to ask the owner a question.

Note: Please don’t spam any ask box on Tumblr otherwise Tumblr may ban you for this.

How to Ask a Question to Followers on Tumblr

Do you want to take feedback from your Tumblr followers? Now Ask a Question to your Tumblr followers directly from your blog post on Tumblr.

On blogging carrier and journey, Feedback works like motivation. Till some months back, It was impossible to ask questions to your followers directly on Tumblr but now Tumblr has updated it’s layout and some features such as this one of the best feature to ask questions only to followers. Only follower who follows you from more than two weeks or the peoples whom you are following can answer your questions. So at the same time expert whom you are following, can give you tips or feedback on your questions.

You will be wonder and surprise because normally there is no comment box or reply feature for common and regular user than how to answer or comment or reply to that question but believe me, You can. This is special feature for Tumblr blog owner and their followers.

Ask a Question to Followers

The whole idea is, You will need to post a Quote post and put a question at the end of the post means at last line of the post and put a question mark at the end of that question. It will automatically becomes a question and enable for followers to answer. Your Regular user will not be able to answer it.

Get start with Tumblr and have an account there. Logged in and Create a Post there.

Any post type can be OK to ask question to your Followers but Tumblr Quote post type will be the best on to ask any question.

Now when you completed the post writing or about the question then at the end of that post, In the last line create a question such as, “How do you Put an Ask box on Tumblr?”.

Don’t forget to put question mark at the end of the question otherwise it will not convert into question for your Tumblr Followers.

How to Get more Followers on Tumblr

How to Get more Followers on Tumblr. Attract hundreds of Tumblr users everyday and convert them into followers of your blog. Working tricks for every Tumblr blog.

Can you believe that some Tumblr blogs have thousands of Tumblr followers? When you reach on certain level where you get decent traffic from search engines and Tumblr itself, at that level your Tumblr blog will get hundreds or even thousands of Tumblr followers everyday. I am specially talking about Tumblr because Tumblr is unique kind of blogging platform where Tumblr has made everything in a mix module. Without your followers and fans, You will not able to get success. Tumblr followers understand this.

Get Followers Faster and Smarter

There are many factors and methods you can get more and more followers on Tumblr. As this part is to get more followers here are some of the top genuine methods are mentioned below…

1Yahoo Answer

Have you noticed ever, Many Tumblr blog owners use Yahoo Answer as a tool to gain followers on their Tumblr blog. They regularly post questions and answers and appeal Tumblr group on Yahoo to follow their blog. Their trick works most of the time. You can also do that. Yahoo answer is hard but genuine trick to get Tumblr followers. Follow me to use Yahoo answers.

  1. To post question and answer on Yahoo, You have to open an account at Yahoo website. Create an account there.
  2. After having an account, You will need to have 250+ points to post live and click able links on Yahoo answers.
  3. Help other Tumblr user and keep posting helpful answers with links.
  4. Once you will get 250+ points on Yahoo answer, You links will be live and click able.
  5. This is how you will get traffic and followers too.

2Use Tumblr Follow Button

You can see a button at the right sidebar which lead you to follow my blog on Tumblr. You can also put such follow button to offer your visitors to follow your blog. This is easiest and most working method. You can give it a title of “Get Follower” and once they follow you, You also follow them in return. Note: There isn’t any charge to follow any user on Tumblr or you are not losing any points on Tumblr behalf of following someone on Tumblr so be genuine.

3Participate Other Blogs

If you want to get more followers then you will need to be active. Reblog top posts on your blog. This is how you will directly get highlight on original source post and at the same time you will get some traffic too. Follow more and more quality and active blogs on Tumblr. Active users always follow you in return.

Comment on other blogs with links but make sure that you are not spamming on other blogs using their comment system. Without spamming, Keep posting quality post links.

How to Get Followers on Tumblr

How to Get Followers on Tumblr. So you are new and want to get hundreds of followers everyday on your Tumblr blog. You can attract them using our simple yet working tricks.

Perhaps, You have noticed many WordPress blogs which have more than 50 thousands subscribers on each blogs. On Tumblr, Many blogs have decent followers. Some of the blogs get numerous followers every day. How they get such a nice amount of Tumblr followers? Have you noticed about that ever before?

Many techniques can be used to get followers and they are similar for all social networking sites even you are on Tumblr or Facebook. You will have to understand all the concept behind Tumblr followers. Tumblr followers can increase your blog traffic by reblogging, notes and many other ways. They can make your Tumblr blog more famous on Tumblr network. They may share your posts or blogs on other social media networks such as Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook.

1Do this

Your blog should have some quality such as consistency, activeness and up to date contents. Same like your blog, You also have to improve yourself to attract Tumblr followers. In every field, Users likes active and genuine user whether it is Facebook or Tumblr.

2Be Consistent and Unique

You will have to focus on your blog posting. You should update your Tumblr blog regularly without fail otherwise you will lose your followers. Post unique and up to date posts with photo, video and links.

Tumblr followers like active and consistent blogs. If you will have those quality then you will attract more followers than any other Tumblr blog.

3Follow me, I will follow You

This is very old but working trick to get followers but in this trick you will have to start first and have to be genuine on your promise. Many bloggers call this as cheap trick. However, They have also used the same trick in the starting phase of their blogging carrier.

If you follow your followers, Then your followers also show trust in you and if you have valuable content on your blog, Your blog will automatically get more followers without any trick.

Many Tumblr users use differnt different tricks to get more followers on Tumblr. Do you want to know about those tricks such as Yahoo Answer, Tumblr Blog Promoter and many more.

Tumblr Followers Generator

Tumblr Followers Generator is the system where you can generate as many followers as you want and not only thousands of followers but also visitors too.

Nowadays, Every Tumblr user whether he is new or expert want followers. They can’t understand the way that time to time they will also thousands of followers on Tumblr, despite of this, They are joining numerous fake sites to get more followers on Tumblr.

Tumblr Inc. is very active about this and They have forced many Tumblr Follower Generator in last couple of months. Actually, Tumblr don’t want to increase any kind of abusing or miss guide so they have forced some of the point base Tumblr follower generators.

Tumblr Follower Generator

However, Still there are numerous fake systems available which are claiming to gain you some followers in couple of minutes or hour. Most of them have survey to complete before registration there or points to get top position on the front page just like Digg.com.

1Legal Way

If you really want to get some followers on Tumblr then you can easily get them by improving your blog contents. When you Tumblr blog traffic will be increase, automatically Tumblr followers will be increased day by day without any tweak with Tumblr system. You will not need to do anything else to gain more followers.

2Tumble Train

Tumblr is a system where you will need to follow other blogs. In return, You will get points and the top position at Tumble train where you also get hundreds of Tumblr followers in couple of minutes or hours but it consumes your points.

The good part is you will get followers with some easy tricks and the bad part is, They have lot of survey on their website which never complete. Most of the Tumblr users have complained that they couldn’t get the exact survey which shown on the website. So in the end, Its hard to get in tumble train.

3Tumblr Plug

Tumblr plug is also Tumblr related website where you can register and promote your Tumblr blog. They have easy registration options and don’t have any surveys. Tumblr Plug is similar to digg style website where you will have to win some points to get top position on their front page to get traffic and followers at the same time.

It totally looks fake and time wasting and rather than using such systems You should use “Legal Way” to generate followers on your Tumblr blog.

How to Get Tumblr Followers

Most of the new bloggers including you would wondering how to get Tumblr followers on new or old Tumblr blog. Attract hundreds of followers daily using these tips.

I think you are new and created a blog on Tumblr and now you are wondering how to promote blog to get Tumblr followers. You might have seen many other Tumblr blogs which having decent Tumblr notes and reblog by followers. Yes its true that you can gain some traffic and visitors if your followers reblog or like your posts on their blog.

The simplest way to get more followers on Tumblr is to follow some basic rules and tricks on your blog. You will significant increase in your followers count day by day but time is money and you have to wait and keep working as mentioned below to gain genuine followers who will not only help you to increase your follower counts but also they will increase your traffic by reblogging and liking.

Tricks to Get Followers

If you will use any Tumblr Follower Generator then it might be possible that they are fake followers and they will not reblog or like your posts on Tumblr so please follow below tips rather than follower Generator.

1Keep Posting Quality Post

Quality post means variation of post types. You should post the right combination of photo, quote and video posts regularly with consistent. Tumblr user will like active blogs. Normally, Any user will follow your active blog. You should post at least one post daily.

2Tumblr Tags

You should careful about some tools in post editor. Always use tags, custom post URL and use picture with every post. Tags, Pictures and custom post permalink will make your post quality and traffic generator.

3Use Questions

Do you know, You can put a question and quiz for your followers. Only followers will able to give answer of that question. Your question will be directly forward to follower’s dashboard where they will be notified to answer the question. This will avoid lose risk of followers.

Do you know which things, Followers like most? You should know all favorite things of your followers…

How to Become Tumblr Famous

How to Become Tumblr Famous. Get followers, Reblog and like related blog’s post to get instant popularity. Best Tumblr theme can increase your chance to be famous on Tumblr fast.

If i am not wrong, You have created a new blog on Tumblr and now you want to become famous Tumblr blogger, Am i right? So listen carefully, You can easily become successful and famous Tumblr blogger if you follow some simple tips about blogging. Look, There is no difference in Facebook, Google Plus about definition of famous. However, Tumblr is something different, Here you have to blog, follow other Tumblr users and do some Tumblr sharing such as reblog, notes and like.

When you will blog consistently and participate in social sharing promotion such as reblog, like and notes, You will start become famous on Tumblr. At that time you will be called as active Tumblr blogger. Your blog gets Tumblr followers everyday and you realize that you are becoming Tumblr famous. So below are some of the most important things which you have to follow in order to become Tumblr Famous.

Become Famous on Tumblr

Do you know what is the common things in most famous and successful bloggers in the world specially on Tumblr blogging network? I will show you now.

Good Tumblr URL

If you will choose good and attractive eye catching Tumblr sub domain then your chance to become famous will be increase. We have analyzed and created a Tumblr URL Generator to generate best Tumblr name and URLs which have used by some most common and best Tumblr bloggers.

Best Free Tumblr Themes

We have analyzed top Tumblr blogs for their themes and short out the the things such as widget, buttons and icons which used by those themes. We have analyzed that most of the Tumblr blogs are famous for their consistency and blog theme. If you will choose Best free Tumblr theme and blog consistently then you chance will be high to become famous on Tumblr.

How to Add an Ask box on Tumblr

Tumblr has changed layout of dashboard. Here are the updated tutorial about how to add an ask box on Tumblr on your blog sidebar.

Last week, I got an email request about adding an Ask box on Tumblr from one of the follower and Tumblrx fan. I never miss the opportunity to fulfill the email request so replied her with proper steps.

Actually, She wanted to put an advertisement on her Tumblr blog. Normally, Every advertisement networks contact via email address but that advertiser was private advertiser, You can call it direct advertisement. The advertiser asked her to put an Ask box so he can communicate with her officially before any deal. When i asked her, Why the advertiser have asked you to communicate via ask box then she replied me that the advertiser wanted to verify that that’s my blog and i am the owner of that blog.

Adding an Ask box

Huh, tough condition to deal for an advertisement. Nevertheless, You can easily enable and add an ask box on your Tumblr blog. It just takes couple of seconds to set it on via settings page.

1You should first of all log in to your Tumblr dashboard or Go to your blog and click on Dashboard from the right top corner.

2Now, Click on Setting icon which is updated recently by Tumblr, If you are confuse then see animated screenshot for details.

3On the setting page, Click on your blog title. Particular your blog setting will be open, Tick an Ask box from the middle of the setting page.

4Save your setting before leaving the setting page.

If you are in such situation or any other settings related to Tumblr then you can contact us via email or via comments. We will reply you within a day on Email and instantly via comments.