How to Reply to a Reply on Tumblr

How to Reply to a Reply on Tumblr. You can use gif image or any photo, links or even video to response while responding someone on your Tumblr blog.

Unlike other blogging platform, Tumblr doesn’t have default commenting system so it becomes harder to respond visitor of your blog. There is no way, You can reply to their query. However, Tumblr has some alternative options. You can use them to reply to your loyal visitor’s feedback. Its extremely important to reply to a reply which comes daily on your blog either via “Ask Box” or using other commenting system just like Disqus.

Disqus is very famous comment generating system. Tumblr users always use it to get feedback on their blogs. Many Top Best Free Tumblr Themes comes with preinstalled Disqus commenting system on their free theme HTML file. You just need to open an account on Disqus website to get account id to put on your theme customization option.

However, Some of the themes do not have Disqus comment code in their theme so in that situation you will need to manually add JavaScript code in your Tumblr theme. In both above situation, If you want to get feedback on your Tumblr blog or want to reply to a reply of your visitor’s query then you will need to get an account from Disqus.

Second option is Ask Feature on Tumblr blogging platform. You can enable Ask box on your existing theme, using it you can get daily feedback and replies on your blog. Most of users use Ask box to generate tips and suggestions on their blog. I have noticed that most direct advertiser use this ask box on Tumblr to deal with the owner of blog.

If you want Ask box on your Tumblr blog to reply user’s feedback then you will need to manually activate that feature from Tumblr Setting Control penal. Its too easy and takes just few minutes.

And the third option is “Missing E”. Very few Tumblr users know about it but believe me its very useful if you are serious in Tumblr blogging. It makes easy many things while posting on Tumblr. It will make easy for you to reply to a reply. Actually it will create a link called “as” next after reply text. Using that link you will be able to reply to a reply using link, post or even photo.

So it might possible that this would be right option for you to use. You will need to download a browser extension called “Missing E”.

How to Reply to a Post on Tumblr

How to Reply to a Post on Tumblr. Tumblr reply system becomes easy than ever before using third party comment and reply system.

Many users have asked me via email me about reply to a post on Tumblr. As we all know that Tumblr doesn’t have comment system and normal user could not reply or comment on Tumblr blogs. Some of the reply task such as reply to a reply and reply to a post using photo or link became impossible without tweaking with your Web browser. Since long time, I am using Missing E web browser extension to do tasks of reply on my Tumblr blogs.

I have many blogs on Tumblr on various niche and getting much much replies everyday. I have to respond all those genuine reply either using photo or links. I am using Missing E web browser extension, it has many features for Tumblr post.

How to Activate Reply to a Post

First of all get logged in to the account on which you want to reply to a post most of the time.

Now click on Control Setting icon from the top bar from Tumblr dashboard. It will redirect you to Tumblr account setting page.

Now click on Apps on the setting page. A list of blogs will be appear which you have created before.

Click on one of the blog name to edit it’s setting. Scroll down and Tick on Reply option which will be middle of the screen.

Now Save your settings and exit from dashboard.

Note: One part has been completed, Now you will need to download Missing E browser extension on your Web browser. The developers has the Missing E for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers.

Reply to a Reply Using Disqus on Tumblr

How to reply to any comments on your Tumblr blog using Disqus. Use Disqus commenting system to reply to a reply or comments on Tumblr blog.

If you are getting much higher traffic on your Tumblr blogs then comment system must be available on your blog to create a trust-able relation with your visitors. To get regular replies and comments you will need to install or use any comment system. However, Tumblr doesn’t have common feature for reply or comments like other blogging platform so what you will do?

Disqus Commenting system can be good choice for you and for the good news, Most of the Tumblr themes come with Disqus comments on their theme whether they are free or premium themes. To convert your loyal visitors into followers, You should have a commenting system. Unfortunately, as Tumblr doesn’t have native comment system, I am using Disqus comments to reply any query for long times.

How to install and Reply to Comments

Nowadays, Most of the Tumblr free themes comes with Disqus, You will just need a account on Disqus to use this reply center on your Tumblr blog. However, If your existing theme doesn’t have the Disqus comment installed in your theme then i will be show you how to install it on your Tumblr blog.

1First of all, Register your account on Disqus website, Links are given in the resource button. Get copy the disqus account name.

2Logged in to Tumblr and Open Control penal for further settings. On the settings page, Click on Customize button to add Disqus account name.

3In the Customization sidebar, Disqus comment account name field easily can be found. Enter your Disqus account name on that field.

4Save your theme and check your blog.

Note: If your existing theme doesn’t have preinstalled Disqus comments, Then you will need to install it manually.

How To Make a Banner for Tumblr

How To Make a Banner for Tumblr. Stylist and beautiful banner makes great impression on your visitor. Put it on your blog header area using custom banners.

As a Tumblr blogger, You should remember that the first impression for your blog can be your blog Banner, Favicon and Theme. You should choose all of these very carefully. Perhaps, you have noticed many successful blog which have wonderful and unique style banners and favicon. I have seen many Tumblr blogs which do not have even banner on their blog.

A successful user should choose a best Tumblr theme which has everything from social sharing buttons to sidebar widget and banner, background and avatar settings. If your existing theme doesn’t have this options then you can customize it for the best suite as per your needs. If you want to try new Free Tumblr theme which has all these stuff all in one then i would recommend you Fluid Neue - Best Tumblr themes ever.

Checkout Fluid Classic and Fluid Neue two blogs which has been created by me which has Fluid themes. One is classic and second is stylish one. So best out of all, The best option is to use one of those themes for all in one Stylish banner, cool design and various widgets.

Tumblr Banner Creator

If you are looking to create your own unique banner then there are various sources available for it too. It includes gif Tumblr banners, Animated banners and free custom design banners.

Gif Banners: This Tumblr banners are simple set of Gif image which can be easily put on Tumblr blogs. Most of the themes comes the option to upload your own gif banner image on your Tumblr blog. However, I think you will not find those options in free themes.

Animated Banners: Animated banners are very famous on Tumblr blogging network. I also used on of the animated banner on my Tumblr blog. You just need to choose the style of the banner, fonts and color and done.

Fixed Position Banner: did you noticed any blog which has fixed banner style? I have noticed many blogs. Some of them have social sharing buttons on their fixed position banners. They are easy to create but you will need to learn how to put it on your Tumblr blogs.

A article on Wired has explained how to create animation article for your blogs.

How to Put a Banner on Tumblr

How to Put a Banner on Tumblr. You just need to add a simple code for your Tumblr banner on your blog and it will start appearing on your blog.

Couple of Tumblr users have mailed me to put a tutorial for adding a banner on Tumblr. I would recommend you to create a beautiful banner for your blog first then follow this tutorial to put it on your Tumblr blog.

You can put any banner whether it is gif, animation or fixed position banner on your blog theme using this tutorial. Get the list of Tumblr Banner Maker website and when you have a creative banner to put on your blog, Come back here to complete next step to add it on Tumblr Theme HTML file.

How to add Tumblr Banner

Unlike other blog themes, Where you get preinstalled banner in your theme and you just need to add a logo in your banner, Here you will have to add your gif banner code in your existing theme. However, If you have a theme which has preinstalled banner then you can easily change it with your newly created banner.

The code will look similar to this

<a href=”YourBlogURL”><img src=”BannerURL”/></a>

To install it in your Tumblr theme, Go to your Tumblr blog. Click on Dashboard from right Top corner.

On Dashboard, Click on Control Setting icon. A Setting page will be appear.

Choose your blog and click on it’s name. Settings for that blog will be appear, Click on Customize button under theme preview.

Now Click on Edit HTML button in the next screen. Your Theme HTML file will be open in the left sidebar.

Now find out <body> tag in your Theme HTML file. Paste above Banner code just after <body> tag.

Note: To customize it you can put position=”fixed” tag with above banner code.

Tumblr Banner Maker

Tumblr Banner Maker to create Simple, Creative, Animated banners of Tumblr free of cost and put it on your Tumblr theme all in one in one article.

If you are looking to make a decent banner for your Tumblr blog then this is the right place to get each and every steps from one and only blog. Banner is the first step to create a big website which would be earning point for your and will Make Money from your Tumblr blog.

Only Normal banner is enough for any blog but you can put Animated Tumblr Banners, only logo instead of the banner to avoid it’s size limit or put Gif image instead of Tumblr banner. I have tried many ways to create a Good Tumblr Banner. However, I would recommend your to choose logo banner rather than any animated or full size banner because it might not suit with your existing theme with the size limitation.

Create Tumblr Banner

I have created lot of logo banner for my personal blogs and Tumblr blogs using Runner website. They provides wide range of banner design and ready made banner to edit and use them on your blog. They doesn’t include their credits on those banners comparing to other free banner creators who include their credit text in the banner everywhere.

1First all all, Go to above link. You will not need to create any account to create logo for your Tumblr blog. Its completely free without creating any account there.

2Now, Browse your desire banner for your blog from wide range of designs which are ready made and Choose on to edit it for your Tumblr banner.

3Once you are ready to create it for your banner, Click the text of banner in the first field. In the Second Field, You will need to enter size of the banner. Default size is 75. You can use 50 or 45 to create small banner logo for your Tumblr blog.

4Choose Color and Shadow effect to make it more professional. However, Its not recommended because ready made banner has it’s own design so if you will choose these effects then original banner design will be lost.

5Here you are getting two more option, One is background. You can use Tumblr background image to suite your existing Tumblr theme or alternatively you can make it transparent. This is how it will blend with your existing Tumblr theme without creating much mess up.

6The last option is to choose size but don’t choose it because it’s for premium user So if you want to choose size the choose alternative option which is available in the second field.

7Now Hit the button “Create”.

Your Tumblr Banner is ready. Now next step to put in your Tumblr theme which is quite hard but we will make it very easy for you. I have covered it in below article deeply. Just have look on it. You will just edit your theme HTML file and insert a code of line for your Tumblr Banner to work properly with your existing theme.

How to Make Banners for Tumblr

How to Make Banners for Tumblr. Now Make Animated Tumblr banner with custom image and text with lot of special effects free of cost.

Here we will cover how to create animated Tumblr banner for your blog. We have seen various Tumblr Banners in our previous articles. Now its time to show you how to create a gif animated banner free of cost.

You can use these banners on the top of your Tumblr blog or in the end of each post to publicize your private or WordPress blog or even you can put them in the middle of each post to Make Money using your Tumblr blog by advertise any affiliate links. Believe me, Animated Gif banner converts high numbers of purchases.

Animated Tumblr Banner Maker

Below is Webestools the Tumblr Banner Maker Website which makes beautiful banner. You just need to choose the background of the animated banner from wide range of background images available on their website.

1I would recommend to just edit a ready made banner to make beautiful Tumblr banner. Choose a banner from wide range.

2You will get four frames for animation where you will need to fill the text for each one. Fill text one by one in each frame.

3Second important thing is, Input text color, size and font of the banner. For proper setting, Click on preview after each settings.

4In the same frame, You are getting an option to set a fixed position for the text of the banner. Choose it wisely.

5When you are done, Click Preview button and scroll up and Download your edited banner.

Note: Now you have banner to put it on your Tumblr blog. So follow the steps How to Put a Banner on Tumblr to add it on your Tumblr blog. If you want to Make Money using this banner, Use it while posting an article or if you are willing to put it as a logo on Tumblr blog then you can follow above article.

Chat, Shoutbox Widgets For Tumblr

Chat and Shoutbox Widgets for Tumblr blog. Highly customizable and lightning chat box and shoutbox widgets are powered by Zoho free of cost.

As Tumblr is also similar to social media networking site, Unlike other social media sites, Tumblr doesn’t have Chat widgets neither on their own main website nor on their free blogs. If you have a blog on Tumblr and willing to put a Chat widget on your Tumblr blog then you will have to choose third party chat box  widget for your Tumblr blog.

Tumblr Widgets

Nowadays, Chat and shoutbox widgets got wonderful popularity. Now, Google Plus itself has a chat widget on their social site like Facebook. I have noticed many small Tumblr sites having a cute and working chat box widget and shoutbox widgets on their sidebar. After a lot of research i am came up with Zoho chat and shoutbox widget which is free and highly customizable to put on Tumblr.

Chat Widget

1You will need to open an account on Zoho.com first. You can use your Google account, Facebook or Google Apps account alternatively for logged in to Zoho website if you do not want to create a separate account there.

2After successful logged in, You will be redirected to a control setting page where on the right sidebar you will got various option and widgets to put on your Tumblr website. However, Tumblr is not limited to put these widgets, You can put these widgets on any website, blog or forum very easily.

3Just Click the option of Chat Widget from Right sidebar and configure the rest Widget generator fields to get Widget code for your Tumblr blog. Give Title, Chat box name and hit the button to generate Chat box Widget code.

Note: Paste this copied Chat widget code in the description box under your description or where ever you want to put it on your blog. If you just want to put it on your contact page then you can paste that code in the contact page HTML source while creating contact page. You can create separate page for Online chatting page where you can use this Widget or simply in the sidebar just like in my Howtoon blog.

Shoutbox Widget

Just like chat box widget, You can put shoutbox widget on your Tumblr blog. You just need to click on shoutbox widget from right sidebar of Zoho.com after logged in. Customize it and Generate the Widget code for your Tumblr blog. That’s it.

Put it in the header field and Save your Theme.

Note: If you get any query then please comment here, We will feel more than happy to help you. Have a fun with Chat widget for Tumblr.

Twitter Widget for Tumblr

Twitter Widget for Tumblr. Now engage your Tumblr user with socialize way and build more relative relation with Twitter Widget.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Tumblr all are social media sites and currently most famous social site in the world. If you want to be famous and successful then you must connect your user with all these social media Widgets. There are lots of widgets available on the web to connect these social media sites with each other. Tumblr is most popular among this as far as blogging is concern.

If you want to get more followers on your Tumblr blog then you must have these widgets on your blog. A user who has account on Tumblr, He surely has a account on Facebook and Twitter too. So if you will attract Twitter and Facebook user then alternatively you will get more followers on your Tumblr blog. You can put a Twitter widget and Facebook Widget on your Tumblr blog sidebar and communicate with your visitor via tweets and Facebook shares and build a strong Follower database on Tumblr.

How to Install Twitter Widget

1First of all, You will need to get the Twitter Widget code to put on your Tumblr blog. So visit Widgetbox website and fill your Twitter username as shown in the description in the website.

2To proceed, You will need to register an account on Widgetbox website. However, you can log in to their website using Facebook, Google account or other ways available there.

3After getting widget code, the next step is to put that code on your Tumblr blog sidebar. You can do this thing two ways. You can put Twitter widget code under description text in the description box or in the sidebar area via editing sidebar area from Theme HTML file.

Note: Put Facebook Widget for Tumblr with Twitter sidebar Widget to get More Followers on Tumblr.

Facebook Widget for Tumblr

Facebook Widget for Tumblr. You can put Facebook Fan Widget box on your Tumblr Sidebar to gain more Tumblr followers.

Are you connected on Tumblr and Facebook at the same time? You can gain more Facebook and Tumblr followers to connect your visitors via Facebook Fan page Widget on your Tumblr blog sidebar. Almost all popular blogs are equipped with social buttons and Facebook Fan page.

If you are wondering how to put Facebook Fan page on Tumblr blog then you are on right place to get the proper solution. Today i will share Facebook Fan Page Widget code and the steps to put on Tumblr blog sidebar.

Facebook Widget for Tumblr

1First of all, Create a Facebook Page for your Tumblr blog. Do not worry about cost because its absolutely free and customizable. To Create Facebook Fan page, You will need an account on Facebook website.

2You will need to create  or generate the Facebook Fan page and copy the Facebook Fan box widget code. Facebook Fan Box also called as Facebook Like box. First of all Go to Facebook Developer Site. Give your Facebook Fan page URL and set width and height of the like box. Untick “Show Stream and Header” Option and Hit the last “Get Code” button from below.

3Now the next step to put this widget on your Tumblr blog. So There are several options available on your end. You can put this Facebook Widget on Sidebar and you can rearrange it’s actual position as per your choice. To do so, Go to Tumblr Dashboard and hit the Control Setting icon > Then go to setting page and just press your blog name. > Finally click on “Customize” button. > Now paste this widget code under “Description” to show on Tumblr blog sidebar under description box.

Note: You can rearrange the actual position but it will require editing your theme HTML file.