Tumblr Blogroll Widget Code - Add it to Sidebar

Tumblr Blogroll is a beautiful sidebar widget which shows the whole list of users whom you follow or following with their avatar. The easiest way to have a Tumbleroll on your blog.

Many Tumblr users don’t like the concept to show the the list of users whom they are following on their blog sidebar. In other hand, There is still huge user database who like to show the following user list via tumbleroll or blogroll.

In other blogging platforms, We see blogroll with a different point of view. So there, We called Sidebar links as a blogroll and on Tumblr the blogroll also called as tumbleroll and it shows the list or avatars of the users whom you are following. I think now you understood what does blogroll mean on Tumblr blogging platform.

Default Tumblr theme doesn’t have blogroll widget installed on sidebar whereas many other Free Custom Themes have a tumbleroll sidebar widget, you just need to enable it via customize section. If you love to test new themes then i would recommend you to choose any theme which has all these functionality already available so you do not need to code manually in your theme.

How to add Following Widget on Sidebar

This part is little tricky. You will need to search the sidebar HTML tags within your Tumblr theme.

1First of all search the sidebar HTML tags. Most probably it will be under body section.

2Now Copy and paste the below code under sidebar HTML tags.

Copy This Code

<section id=”following”>
<a href=”{FollowedURL}” title=”{FollowedTitle} by {FollowedName}”><img src=”{FollowedPortraitURL-40}”></a>
<a href=”{FollowedURL}”></a>
<a href=”{FollowedURL}” title=”{FollowedTitle} by {FollowedName}”><img src=”{FollowedPortraitURL-64}”></a>
<em>by</em> <a href=”{FollowedURL}”>{FollowedName}</a>
</div><!— .tooltip-info —>
</div><!— .tooltip-body —>
<li data-start-at=”0”></li>

3Update your theme and then save your settings. (Don’t close window before properly save)

4Return to your theme and check back this widget is working properly or not.

If you want preinstalled this Blogroll widget then i would recommend you to install free Fluid Neue theme which have the functionality of Following Widget, Infinite Endless Scrolling, Like Plugin and much more. Here Cutest Tumblr Themes

How to ByPass Tumblr Post Limit Per Day

Tumblr Post Limit on Daily basis. You should aware of such basic limits and rules for Tumblr blogging. Get the list before you banned.

Tumblr has many service on their blogging platform which are fabulous and even unique such as audio, video and news posts. If you want to create your own image gallery on Tumblr, Its also available for you free of cost but Tumblr has configured a fixed post limits for particular post types. These limits are different per post type. If you are regular blogger on Tumblr then you should know these limits.

Text Post 100
Photo Post 75
Reblog Post 250
Following Limit 5000 Blogs

Different Kind of Limits on Tumblr

As a normal user, You will not face any restriction because of these limits but if you blog unlimited then this limit will restrict you for some particular task. There is limit on text post per day, picture post limit and audio post limits. There are couple of other limits too but those limit will not effect you directly.

1Text Post

Most of us, Use text posting which called normal post on Tumblr. You will feel major impact of limit on text posting. Normally Tumblr allows any user only 100 text post per day. You will get restriction error if you exceed this limit. So major Tumblr users face this limit.

2Photo Post

This is the second post type which generally users use on their regular posting. I have seen many Tumblr guys who post more than 1500 photo posts per month. Their posting are regular and consistent. Perhaps they are hitting this limit on any day. Generally Photo Post limit is 75 Photo post per day.

3Reblog Limit

This is the third most normal limit is Reblog. You can reblog more than 250 blogs per day. Most of users use reblogging rather using their own writing skill.

Note: Following blog limit is 5000 but we can’t say it limit because i don’t think that anybody follow blogs more than 5000 per day and all this limits are per day basis. So Forget to remove, reset or unlimited post limit on Tumblr blogging platform.

How to Block People on Tumblr

How to Block People on Tumblr who isn’t following or spamming on your blog with comments or reblogging. Without them knowing, You can block any one.

Harassment also could be a reason to block any follower or friend on Tumblr. Many times, We engage with some peoples and after some times we need to block or avoid them for some reasons. Its your privacy and i will not ask you personally what is the reason to block them.

Many times, I have noticed some Tumblr users block people actually they are following them and those people are not following them in return so as a harassment those users block those people without them knowing. If this is your case then don’t worry because when you block people on Tumblr, blocked person or user will not get any notification of blocking so He or She will never know that you have blocked him.

Blocked user will not able to get notifications from you or your post on his dashboard. He will not able to send you message or visit your blog. However, If he logged out and use another id so may be he able to visit your blog and again follow your blog or reblog your blog post. He will not able to participate in your blog post notes also. So after blocking them, You will get full control.

You can block any people several ways, If you have the username of that person then you can easily block him. Furthermore, You can use his blog address such as example.tumblr.com to block him.

Furthermore, If you turn back your mind and want to unblock that people then you have the freedom to unblock him or her easily without any issue. Just follow Tumble TOS and privacy rules.

How to Change your Picture on Tumblr

How to Change your Picture on Tumblr on new updated dashboard. Updating Avatar becomes easier in new updated Tumblr control penal.

Tumblr has changed it’s control penal design layout, So it becomes harder to change the default Tumblr Avatar picture because all the tutorial on the web becomes outdated so you will need to follow new steps in new updated Tumblr dashboard and setting penal.

But believe me, Now its so easy to update your Tumblr avatar picture and show it to different areas such as it will be appear at the right side of each post, on the dashboard and followers will also see the same avatar on their following list. When you will use note on Tumblr then your avatar will be appear with note feature link.

Change Tumblr Picture

You can follow the following steps to change your Tumblr avatar picture in new Tumblr Setting Dashboard.

1First of all get logged in to your Tumblr account to proceed in setting up your new profile picture.

2Now as in above screenshot, Click on selected icon which actually is “Control Penal Setting” icon.

3A New page will be open in which you have to tick second option which enable your profile picture on various Tumblr Pages.

4Now, Click on Browse Button. Browser your computer for your profile picture. (best size is 66x66 Pixel, See Note)

5After selecting the proper size picture (66x66 Pixel), click on submit. In updated Tumblr setting penal layout, You will find Save button right side of your settings page.

6Finally Save your profile picture settings before closing the page.

Note: Before updating your profile picture, Edit it properly and resize it to 66x66 pixel image. Tumblr default avatar has 66x66 pixel image resolution so it will be best size for your avatar before uploading or changing it on Tumblr settings page.

How to Reblog on Tumblr

How to Reblog on Tumblr. Reblogging is basic Tumblr feature but you will need a JavaScript Bookmarklet if you want to reblog yourself.

Unlike other blogging platform, Tumblr has a wonderful and unique posting feature called Reblog. Daily we visit numerous blogs and website on the web. We appreciate most of it. Tumblr provides a facility to reblog those posts and links on your own Tumblr blog.

It can be tags, Pictures, videos, Photos or News. However, Tumblr has a limitation on Reblogging. You can’t reblog yourself. What happen if you want to post your own post from one of your Tumblr blog and wanted to reblog it to other blogs? Its called reblog yourself.

Normally when you are logged in to your Tumblr account, You can reblog any post which you like or want to reblog. All other blogs will have a “Reblog” button at the right top bar with Dashboard button. You just need to hit that button to reblog his post on your own Tumblr blog.

However, This facility is not available for your own blog, I mean you can’t reblog yourself from your own blog to other blogs but using a Bookmarklet you can do this very easily. You will need to add a Bookmarklet on your Web browser bookmark bar and whenever you need to reblog yourself, Just click on that bookmarklet. Is it easy na?

Just right click on above given Bookmarklet and hit bookmark this link to bookmark bar. This is how when you will be on your own blog post and you will click on this bookmarklet, It will redirect you to another fresh window to reblog yourself with your own name with quickly and faster way. Whether you are on Firefox, Google Chrome or any mobile app, it will be work seamlessly.

How to Reply to a Reply on Tumblr

How to Reply to a Reply on Tumblr. You can use gif image or any photo, links or even video to response while responding someone on your Tumblr blog.

Unlike other blogging platform, Tumblr doesn’t have default commenting system so it becomes harder to respond visitor of your blog. There is no way, You can reply to their query. However, Tumblr has some alternative options. You can use them to reply to your loyal visitor’s feedback. Its extremely important to reply to a reply which comes daily on your blog either via “Ask Box” or using other commenting system just like Disqus.

Disqus is very famous comment generating system. Tumblr users always use it to get feedback on their blogs. Many Top Best Free Tumblr Themes comes with preinstalled Disqus commenting system on their free theme HTML file. You just need to open an account on Disqus website to get account id to put on your theme customization option.

However, Some of the themes do not have Disqus comment code in their theme so in that situation you will need to manually add JavaScript code in your Tumblr theme. In both above situation, If you want to get feedback on your Tumblr blog or want to reply to a reply of your visitor’s query then you will need to get an account from Disqus.

Second option is Ask Feature on Tumblr blogging platform. You can enable Ask box on your existing theme, using it you can get daily feedback and replies on your blog. Most of users use Ask box to generate tips and suggestions on their blog. I have noticed that most direct advertiser use this ask box on Tumblr to deal with the owner of blog.

If you want Ask box on your Tumblr blog to reply user’s feedback then you will need to manually activate that feature from Tumblr Setting Control penal. Its too easy and takes just few minutes.

And the third option is “Missing E”. Very few Tumblr users know about it but believe me its very useful if you are serious in Tumblr blogging. It makes easy many things while posting on Tumblr. It will make easy for you to reply to a reply. Actually it will create a link called “as” next after reply text. Using that link you will be able to reply to a reply using link, post or even photo.

So it might possible that this would be right option for you to use. You will need to download a browser extension called “Missing E”.

How to Reply to a Post on Tumblr

How to Reply to a Post on Tumblr. Tumblr reply system becomes easy than ever before using third party comment and reply system.

Many users have asked me via email me about reply to a post on Tumblr. As we all know that Tumblr doesn’t have comment system and normal user could not reply or comment on Tumblr blogs. Some of the reply task such as reply to a reply and reply to a post using photo or link became impossible without tweaking with your Web browser. Since long time, I am using Missing E web browser extension to do tasks of reply on my Tumblr blogs.

I have many blogs on Tumblr on various niche and getting much much replies everyday. I have to respond all those genuine reply either using photo or links. I am using Missing E web browser extension, it has many features for Tumblr post.

How to Activate Reply to a Post

First of all get logged in to the account on which you want to reply to a post most of the time.

Now click on Control Setting icon from the top bar from Tumblr dashboard. It will redirect you to Tumblr account setting page.

Now click on Apps on the setting page. A list of blogs will be appear which you have created before.

Click on one of the blog name to edit it’s setting. Scroll down and Tick on Reply option which will be middle of the screen.

Now Save your settings and exit from dashboard.

Note: One part has been completed, Now you will need to download Missing E browser extension on your Web browser. The developers has the Missing E for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers.

Reply to a Reply Using Disqus on Tumblr

How to reply to any comments on your Tumblr blog using Disqus. Use Disqus commenting system to reply to a reply or comments on Tumblr blog.

If you are getting much higher traffic on your Tumblr blogs then comment system must be available on your blog to create a trust-able relation with your visitors. To get regular replies and comments you will need to install or use any comment system. However, Tumblr doesn’t have common feature for reply or comments like other blogging platform so what you will do?

Disqus Commenting system can be good choice for you and for the good news, Most of the Tumblr themes come with Disqus comments on their theme whether they are free or premium themes. To convert your loyal visitors into followers, You should have a commenting system. Unfortunately, as Tumblr doesn’t have native comment system, I am using Disqus comments to reply any query for long times.

How to install and Reply to Comments

Nowadays, Most of the Tumblr free themes comes with Disqus, You will just need a account on Disqus to use this reply center on your Tumblr blog. However, If your existing theme doesn’t have the Disqus comment installed in your theme then i will be show you how to install it on your Tumblr blog.

1First of all, Register your account on Disqus website, Links are given in the resource button. Get copy the disqus account name.

2Logged in to Tumblr and Open Control penal for further settings. On the settings page, Click on Customize button to add Disqus account name.

3In the Customization sidebar, Disqus comment account name field easily can be found. Enter your Disqus account name on that field.

4Save your theme and check your blog.

Note: If your existing theme doesn’t have preinstalled Disqus comments, Then you will need to install it manually.

How To Make a Banner for Tumblr

How To Make a Banner for Tumblr. Stylist and beautiful banner makes great impression on your visitor. Put it on your blog header area using custom banners.

As a Tumblr blogger, You should remember that the first impression for your blog can be your blog Banner, Favicon and Theme. You should choose all of these very carefully. Perhaps, you have noticed many successful blog which have wonderful and unique style banners and favicon. I have seen many Tumblr blogs which do not have even banner on their blog.

A successful user should choose a best Tumblr theme which has everything from social sharing buttons to sidebar widget and banner, background and avatar settings. If your existing theme doesn’t have this options then you can customize it for the best suite as per your needs. If you want to try new Free Tumblr theme which has all these stuff all in one then i would recommend you Fluid Neue - Best Tumblr themes ever.

Checkout Fluid Classic and Fluid Neue two blogs which has been created by me which has Fluid themes. One is classic and second is stylish one. So best out of all, The best option is to use one of those themes for all in one Stylish banner, cool design and various widgets.

Tumblr Banner Creator

If you are looking to create your own unique banner then there are various sources available for it too. It includes gif Tumblr banners, Animated banners and free custom design banners.

Gif Banners: This Tumblr banners are simple set of Gif image which can be easily put on Tumblr blogs. Most of the themes comes the option to upload your own gif banner image on your Tumblr blog. However, I think you will not find those options in free themes.

Animated Banners: Animated banners are very famous on Tumblr blogging network. I also used on of the animated banner on my Tumblr blog. You just need to choose the style of the banner, fonts and color and done.

Fixed Position Banner: did you noticed any blog which has fixed banner style? I have noticed many blogs. Some of them have social sharing buttons on their fixed position banners. They are easy to create but you will need to learn how to put it on your Tumblr blogs.

A article on Wired has explained how to create animation article for your blogs.

How to Put a Banner on Tumblr

How to Put a Banner on Tumblr. You just need to add a simple code for your Tumblr banner on your blog and it will start appearing on your blog.

Couple of Tumblr users have mailed me to put a tutorial for adding a banner on Tumblr. I would recommend you to create a beautiful banner for your blog first then follow this tutorial to put it on your Tumblr blog.

You can put any banner whether it is gif, animation or fixed position banner on your blog theme using this tutorial. Get the list of Tumblr Banner Maker website and when you have a creative banner to put on your blog, Come back here to complete next step to add it on Tumblr Theme HTML file.

How to add Tumblr Banner

Unlike other blog themes, Where you get preinstalled banner in your theme and you just need to add a logo in your banner, Here you will have to add your gif banner code in your existing theme. However, If you have a theme which has preinstalled banner then you can easily change it with your newly created banner.

The code will look similar to this

<a href=”YourBlogURL”><img src=”BannerURL”/></a>

To install it in your Tumblr theme, Go to your Tumblr blog. Click on Dashboard from right Top corner.

On Dashboard, Click on Control Setting icon. A Setting page will be appear.

Choose your blog and click on it’s name. Settings for that blog will be appear, Click on Customize button under theme preview.

Now Click on Edit HTML button in the next screen. Your Theme HTML file will be open in the left sidebar.

Now find out <body> tag in your Theme HTML file. Paste above Banner code just after <body> tag.

Note: To customize it you can put position=”fixed” tag with above banner code.